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SANTORUM Surges From Behind In North Dakota; SANTORUM Surges From Behind In Oklahoma; SANTORUM Surges From Behind In Tennessee

Half a Frothy Candidate!

FARGO – That’s a lot of SANTORUM! Still icky, still Ricky…

The Four Pillars Of Banana Republicanism: God, Guns, Gays And Gynecology

The Four Gs

WASHINGTON – Banana Republicans can have new ideas. This year, along with their three traditional wedge issues: Religious Intolerance, Unrestricted Gun Access and Hatred of Gays, they have added a fourth. They have begun waging an aggressive war on women’s rights. Perhaps Banana Republicans are confused about the gender distribution of the electorate, or perhaps the are just saying completely crazy things because they know they can’t win anyway and they feel liberated. They can finally express all the hateful things they believe about women that they used to be afraid to say in public. Remember this in the voting booth!