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UC Davis’s Chancellor, Linda Katehi, Must Go

Apology not accepted!

DAVIS – University of California, Davis Chancellor, Linda Katehi, appeared here yesterday and finally apologized for permitting her campus police to shoot pepper-spray directly into the faces of non-violent students. Too late. She initially defended their actions, and regardless, it happened on her watch. Sign this petition to demand her resignation. This is California. Our college students are not the enemy.

Ew, Penn State, Ew

A proud tradition of molestation!

UNIVERSITY PARK, PA – Starting with the riot in support of a coach who covered up wrongdoing for decades, and extending, so far, all the way to children bullying the first victim to come forward out of his school, the people of Pennsylvania State University have clearly come down on the side of child abuse. Even Sandusky’s “innocent” explanation is over the line. But what’s a little pedophilia among friends? Football is clearly very very important… Go Nittany Lions!

How Much Banana Republican Hypocrisy Is Enough?

Go with what you know! I could easily be the next President MORON!

PHOENIX – Three hundred sixty-five days until the election. And, Banana Republicans are still beside themselves. While they simply can’t stand the endlessly flip-flopping empty suit, Mitt WRONGNEY, their latest alternative, Herman “Back of the Bus is Fine” CAIN’T, has made so many missteps that it has become laughable to continue apologizing for him. As if the outrageously regressive tax plan, the willful ignorance of the leadership of U-beki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan, and the assertion that people laid off by big banks should blame themselves are not sufficient, he has now developed another theme: denying credible accusations of sexual harassment! First he didn’t remember, then he did. First, it was only one woman, then two, three, four and five. First there was no truth, then there were at least two settlements. First it was a left wing media smear campaign, then it was TEXECUTIONER Rick PERIGEE (the lowest point)’s fault. And through it all, he has comported himself in such an undignified manner, that anybody left supporting him is no longer credible. He verbally abused the press and had his handlers push and shove them around. He literally threw a temper tantrum when he was asked a legitimate question about it. Then today, he held a press conference wherein he said all of the women — who did not know each other; some of whom were paid thousands of dollars for their silence — were all lying. So, the aforementioned supporters, who stopped the entire operation of the United States Government and wasted fifty million dollars to find out if President Bill Clinton got a blowjob; and who screamed bloody murder over Anthony Weiner’s underwear pictures; have now decided that it is acceptable for their candidate to put his hand up a woman’s skirt and shove her face in his crotch because she asked for a job. Well, hey, at least he’s not a Mormon…