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Attention Rupert

According to this post and related video, you are still telling your employees, who make these things up, that the terror card is still an effective fear-inducing tool. You might like to know that this is no longer the case. Please refrain from using terrorism to stir up your army of morons (conservatives), as the small lump of brain cells they collectively have is finally beginning to catch on.

Might I suggest you use a new method? Try some of the following fear-inducing rhetoric instead:

  • Gays – perhaps the headline “Socialized medicine will mean our tax dollars paying for AIDS treatment”
  • Sweden – If we become like Sweden, something very bad will happen
  • Evolution – I’m not stupid enough to come up with something here, but I’m sure your employees are

I can assure you, to the conservative mind, each of the things on this list is just as bad, if not perhaps even worse, than terrorism.