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Obama NOT the anti-Christ

NOT the anti-christ (because he believes in Allah)

Praise be to Allah

WASILLA, AK – As it turns out, Obama is in fact NOT the anti-Christ.  This amazing (and quite surprising) revelation comes from Ron Hamman, pastor of a baptist church in Wasilla, Alaska.

The reason?  Apparently, the anti-christ is a gay atheist.  In a brilliant piece of newspaper worthy journalism, pastor Hamman explains how the bible clearly states that the anti-christ will be a homosexual.  If one reads the passage, it can also be revealed that said rapture-inducing person will be an atheist, without “regard of any god.”

Well go figure, after all the speculation about Obama being the great beast, it turns out that his evil muslim faith would prove otherwise.

Just who is the anti-christ?  Since, according to revelation, it will be a gay man without regard for god, I’ve got my money on the crystal methodist, Ted Haggard.