This is what a COWARD looks like

WASHINGTON – After a full week of protests against the cold-blooded murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police, in broad daylight, after KATRINA-VIRUS deaths in the US topped 100,000, and after the IMPOTUS threatened racial violence against innocent protesters, “when the looting starts, the shooting starts!” that same spineless OAF OF OFFICE went running to its little hidey-hole beneath the White House. The frightened little two-hundred-forty pound crybaby COWERING in the dark, rather than calling for unity and an end to Police BRUTALITY, actually threatened citizens in Lafayette Park with attack by “vicious dogs” and “formidable weapons.” Further, after declaring practitioners of First Amendment protests members of a Terrorist Organization, he promised to “surround everyone with everything we’ve got.” Yes, The OBOE (Orange Bag Of Excrement) wants tanks rolling down the streets of every State Capital. This demented douchebag has become completely and utterly detached from reality. And, just in case any soldiers are ordered to undertake attacks against the citizenry of this country, please note that the United States Field Manual states, “Members of the armed forces are bound to obey only lawful orders.” Orders to beat, arrest, gas, and kill innocent Americans simply because a COWARDLY commander is permanently humiliated by the size of its genitalia do NOT constitute lawful orders.

Just for comparison, while the IMPOTUS was COWERING in its little panic room, a person with real feelings for his fellow Americans, a person with a heart, Joe Biden, went to meet with protesters in Wilmington, Delaware.

Enormous Orange Coward Throws Temper Tantrum and Storms Off Because Girls Are “Nasty”

Storming Off

IMPOTUS Can’t Stand The Heat

WASHINGTON – At another of his inane self-aggrandizement sessions here today, the OAF OF OFFICE was confronted with a very simple question from a mean-reporter-lady. When CBS News reporter Weijia Jiang asked the bloated mass of blubber why it was treating the failure of testing on the part of its government as a global competition, it responded that she should “Ask China.” When Jiang, who is Chinese, asked why it responded to her specifically in that clearly racist tone, it said that what she asked was a “nasty question.” After that exchange, it stamped its little feet and stomped off the stage. This is a seventy-three year old crybaby. It thinks any big-scary-girl who asks a challenging question is “nasty.” “Nasty.” Seventy-fucking-three years old. While this same leaking sack of cytoplasm is using taxpayer resources to tout its golf courses, inside the White House, people are suddenly practicing social-distancing and wearing masks. This does not make any sense! KATRINA-VIRUS is a HOAX perpetrated by Hillary Clinton’s emails or something. Nobody working for the OBOE (Orange Bag of Excrement) should take any precautions whatsoever. They should be coughing and sneezing and wiping their hands all over one another to prove that viruses are not real. They should actually be prohibited from wearing masks, all soap should be confiscated, and hand sanitizer should be banned. As the nationwide death toll from this hoax exceeds eighty thousand, that gelatinous blob can only worry about its business interests – which were failing before the pandemic. Although here at our hearts go out to those credulous dupes who work for the shit-stain, the only bright spot is that perhaps one of them will infect it directly with the KATRINA-VIRUS and nature will take its course. Mother Nature, that is. “NASTY” Mother Nature.

IMPOTUS Falsely Asserts There Is A Cure For KATRINA-VIRUS Because He Will Profit From It

Me, me, me, me, me! My greed trumps your need!

Me, me, me, me, me! My greed trumps your need!

WASHINGTON – Hydroxychloroquine, made by Sanofi, is currently FDA-approved only for conditions including rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and as an anti-malarial agent. Its known side effects range from nausea and hallucinations to potentially FATAL CARDIAC ARRHYTHMIAS. And yet the Greedy Hateful Orange Sack of Thoughtlessness (GHOST) – who has a vested interest in Sanofi – is, not surpisingly, touting it as a cure for the KATRINA-VIRUS. He is asserting this because his own ignorant response to the pandemic has failed catastrophically. He is wrong, and people will die. The IMPOTUS is putting his own personal gain above the health and safety of the blind sheep who are his followers. Sadly, these ignorant Banana Republicans will not keep to themselves and innocent people will also be exposed. If any of us survives, we must “Remember in November!”



What did you expect?

WASHINGTON – The OAF OF OFFICE gave yet ANOTHER briefing regarding his complete and utter failure to handle the national crisis facing us, the KATRINA-VIRUS. As always, he lied about his failings, used false statistics to aggrandize himself, attempted to deflect blame to others, and at the one and only time when national unity would be paramount on any feeling human being’s mind, he went out of his way to divide people based on political ideology. Sadly, the headline was the April Fool’s Day joke and this report is the truth.


Somebody Else!

WASHINGTON – As his lies crash in around him and he is forced to declare a State of Emergency over the clearly politicized hoax of a pathogen, The OAF OF OFFICE again showed us what true leadership looks like. When asked about his complete failure to deal with KATRINA-VIRUS, he said, “I don’t take responsibility at all.” Just compare it to notable quotations from real presidents: “I cannot tell a lie,” “Four Score and Seven Years Ago… Government of the People, by the People, for the People, Shall Not Perish from the Earth,” “The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Fear Itself,” “Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You, Ask What You Can Do For Your Country!” So, remember in November: “I don’t take responsibility at all.”




WASHINGTON – You’re doin’ a heck-of-a-job, Orangie! The one bright spot is that this could be The IMPOTUS’ Hurricane Katrina. Well, he might also contract it. How would he explain catching a hoax?


'Da Best Words!

‘Da Best Words!

Is that Tim Apple on the phone?
What are the ORANGES of this story!

Adios, MotherHUCKER!

I’m not gonna lie, oh, wait…

WASHINGTON – After ninety-four days collecting a paycheck for doing nothing, non-functional PUMPKIN BUMPKIN mouthpiece, Sarah HUCKLEBERRY Sanders, called it quits here today. Apparently, the relentless lying, rationalizing, misdirecting and hate spewing finally wore her down. There was no indication that her abhorrent behavior weighed on her conscience, it was just a lack of stamina. The rats are leaving the sinking ship.


So what if I foam at the mouth?

WASHINGTON – The mental state of the OBOE (Orange Bag Of Excrement) is visibly deteriorating. As he proclaims his innocence (hah!) and swears up, down and sideways that the Mueller Report exonerates him, he is also trying to claim the report is protected by executive privilege. That makes perfect sense. It proves he didn’t do it, but he doesn’t want anybody to see it. This is NOT the deranged behavior of an insane person, this is rational (just ignore that foam spewing from his mouth, that’s how pr*sidents behave!).

Commander In CHEAT

Don’t act so surprised

WASHINGTON – According to the New York Times, during the period between 1985 and 1994 while the OBOE (Orange Bag Of Excrement) was pretending to be a successful business person, he falsely told the IRS that he actually LOST One Billion, Two Hundred Million Dollars ($1,200,000,000). Actually, he fabricated paper losses to cheat the Federal Government out of the taxes on whatever income he really did produce. The only other possibility is that the pr*sident sucks at business and has only ever lived off his father’s money. Naturally, TWITLER has denied everything. But this time, there is a very easy way for him to prove he is an honest, tax-paying citizen: he can release his tax returns. Of course, he will not. He is a tax cheat and if his tax returns become public, his lack of integrity will become irrefutable.